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Rules and Regulations


  1. Practice and game times are for the duration of 55 minutes. CNSC Staff will facilitate any bookings running over allotted time.

  2. Supervision of minors is required by their parents or guardians at all times.

  3. NO hanging, climbing or pulling on the field nets.

  4. Gum, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, unshelled pistachios or unshelled peanuts are not permitted within the center

  5. Only water is permitted on the Turf fields.

  6. No food permitted inside the Soccer Center.

  7. Footwear and clothing:

  • Football boots, cleats or turf soccer shoes are recommended for use inside the Center, regular training shoes are permitted but not recommended.

  • No cleats of any kind permitted in main lobby areas except walkways.

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn. Individuals must be properly clothed when leaving the field or dressing room.


  • NO pets are allowed except for licensed service animals. Staff may request proof of service animals’ credentials.

  • NO smoking of any kind is permitted in the Soccer Center. Violation will result in a fine or Facility Ban.

  • Please park in designated areas and comply with the “NO PARKING” and “EMERGENCY ACCESS” and STAFF PARKING ONLY signs posted. Violators are subject to ticketing and towing. NO stunting and/or racing in the parking lot. Disciplinary action may include bans, bonds or fines

  • All Teams utilizing CNSC must have first aid equipment. CNSC first aid supplies are meant only to be used as a supplement to the individual clubs’ first aid equipment. If there is bleeding due to injury, or other bodily fluids on the surface of the field of play, the game or practice MUST STOP. Ensure minimal exposure to potential pathogens by reporting blood and/or bodily fluids and allowing cleanup immediately.


Admissions Policy

  • Admission to CNSC – FREE

  • Parking – FREE

CNSC reserves the right to charge additional admission fees for special events at all facilities. Copying Passes is prohibited. Teams or individuals using an illegal or copied pass will result in a FACILITIES BAN.




  1. All facility users, including players (parents or guardians), coaches, managers, trainers, gate openers, referees, etc. are required to complete an CNSC Release of Liability Waiver of Claims Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement (Release Forms) prior to entering the Facility.

  2. Calgary North Soccer Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. For Lost/Found articles, check with Staff at the main lobby.

  3. Any individual (player, coach, spectator) or team whose behavior warrants that the police be called will be AUTOMATICALLY BANNED for one year from the Facility. This disciplinary action may be increased depending on the severity of the incident. Further disciplinary action may be taken by the league in which you play in addition to the CNSC ban.

  4. If an individual or team is found guilty of vandalism or property damage, that individual or team will be responsible for all repair costs incurred, will be assessed an automatic ONE (1) YEAR MINIMUM BAN from entering the Calgary North Soccer Center and/or will be subject to performance bonds and a probationary period. Acts of vandalism will also be subject to criminal prosecution. Further disciplinary action may be taken by the league in which the individual or individuals play(s) in addition to the CNSC ban.

  5. The CNSC reveres the right to ban anyone from the facility due to disagreeable, unpleasant or hostile conduct anywhere on the facility.

  6. Violations of facility bans by an individual will result in formal charges under the Trespass to Premises Act of Alberta along with increased terms of the ban and police involvement. If the individual violating the facility ban is connected to a specific team/league, performance bonds may be issued to that team/league.

  7. Teams will be held responsible for the behavior of their players, coaches, management and supporters. Performance bonds, fines, facilities ban can result.

  8. Assaults on staff/directors or instances of provable theft, will result in MINIMUM FIVE (5) YEAR FACILITIES BAN and criminal charges may be filed.

  9. Verbal abuse and/or threats towards staff will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action may include bans, bonds or fines.

  10. Illegal substances and weapons of any nature are absolutely forbidden on the Calgary North Soccer Center and will result in a FACILITIES BAN.


  1. The Appeals Committee is made up of representatives from the Calgary North Soccer Center

  2. Appeals must be received in a written format and received by the office before the deadline (7 calendar days).

  3. Appeals must have a payment of an Administrative fee of $100 plus any discipline fees payment before the deadline.

  4. Payments are to be made at the by way of Visa or Master Card (via phone) or cash.

  5. A late fee of $50.00 will be applied to all fine payments received past the deadline. Late appeals will not be accepted past the deadline.

  6. Fines not paid after the 7-calendar day deadline will result in immediate suspension from the complex until the payment is received.

  7. The appeals Committee will make every effort to meet within a reasonable time frame, and CNSC staff will notify the individual or team in question in regards to the date and time of the hearing.

  8. The result of the hearing shall be sent to the accused no later than five (5) working days after the hearing.

  9. Offending individuals may only represent themselves. A coach or manager may represent their Team in cases involving entire team suspensions or bans. The coach or person responsible for the field booking will be permitted to attend hearings with offending individuals who are under the age of 18.

  10. Failure to appear at a discipline hearing when due process has been given shall result in a denied appeal.

  11. The Committee’s decision on the appeal will be final.

  12. There will be no interest on returning bonds.

  13. CNSC reserves the right to enforce fines, bonds or bans for any other general misconduct not outlined above, or to increase amounts specified in the event of serious violations.

Camera Policy

  1. Camera refers to all recording or image capturing devices. Photograph/photo refers to all forms of captured images.

  2. Photo taking and video recording is not permitted on the field or from the hallways leading to the dressing rooms. In order to photograph from any of these areas special permission is needed.

  3. Photo taking and video recording is permitted from the main lobby. Photos are only allowed after first seeking consent of the individuals or in the case of a minor their parents/guardians of all the individuals being recorded or photographed.

Under no circumstances are photographs or videos allowed to be made in the dressing rooms and washrooms. This includes all electronic devices with camera capabilities.

Individuals violating this policy will be asked to stop taking photos/videos. Further disciplinary action including fines, bans and bonds may be imposed.

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