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Frenquently Asked Questions: 
  1. What is the advantage of playing on indoor artificial turf rather than in a school gym? 
    • Turf training is important in the Long Term Development of soccer athletes as it provides the appropriate surface for all aspects of the game (passing, running, shooting).  Moving away from the hardwood floors designed ​for court sports means athletes do not need to worry about unrealistic bounces, obstacles, or overhanging apparatus.
  2. What are the dimensions of the facility? 
    • This one of a kind facility boast over 80000 sq feet of space.  Each training field is 3800 sq ft.
  3. Who should use the field?
    • This space is an ideal for all ages, levels and abilities involved in soccer training.  Having an option outside of the usual local gymnasium means an evolution in soccer development in Calgary.
  4. Is the field too small for training?
    • Each training field is an official FIFA 3 v 3 pitch ​which is recommended training for U8 to U 12 athletes.  This is also an adequate and amazing space for all teams regardless of age to train on.
  5. Why we should focus more on training than game results?
    • While the outcomes of games can be exiting and the focus for many fans, parents and players, the reality is that Long Term Athletic Development focuses on training outcomes.   If developing athletes get the repetition and appropriate touches during their formative years, this will easily translate into long term success in games situations.
  6. Why should we use your facility?
    • We are entering new era in Calgary with a strong soccer culture.  In fairness to athletes who take this sport seriously enough to train through the winter months, we owe it to them to give them a space to improve during those winter months.
  7. What is the major usage of the facility?
    • We aim to make soccer the main focus of the CNSC by tailoring our service to the needs of the our soccer clubs.  We also remain open to the fact that there there are many sports that would benefit from access to turf during the off season and we remain open to all possibilities
  8. How many parking spots do you have?  Where is drop off?
    • We have almost 100 parking stalls.  We do have most sessions designed as pick up and drop off with many shopping, coffee and eating options in the area.   We do want everyone to take advantage of this so that we can avoid congestion and frustration.   Drop off is at the middle doors on the North side of the facility.
  9. What are your business hours?
    • Open 11AM to 11PM Mon to Fri
    • Open 8AM to 11PM Sat & Sun
  10. What kind of games can you play on the field?
    • We can (and plan to) run massive 3 v 3 soccer tournaments throughout the winter seasons.  We are a big gymnasium with turf!  As such there are all sorts of possibilities regarding games, drills, and activities.
  11. What other activities are possible?
    • Our surface (and surface area) makes all kinds of training possible, comfortable and kind to the body.  From early morning walking, jogging, to elite training in baseball, ultimate, lacrosse, football, rugby, to dry land training, personal training and anything else you can imagine!
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