Moving Forward

It is impossible to move forward while standing still. 


With the deep muck of uncertainty providing the foundation for much of this past year, it has been easy to feel stuck in.  While the good thing about knowing where you stand is being able to take a moment to look around and see where you are going, you cannot get anywhere without the next steps.

While Covid-19 and complications around this pandemic have spelled an end to the CNSC project, our group is pleased to announce that we are moving forward with new initiatives and project plans. 

Considering the needs and taking care of our summer athletes, coaches, teams, and families is a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor and our mission and vision remains in tact.  Staying the course through these tough times will only ensure that we emerge from this pandemic stronger, with more clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose.

As we do move forward we will continue to:

  • apply what we know and improve on what we have learned  

  • explore and invite fresh ideas and new innovations

  • engage with the community to ensure meaningful outcomes 

  • contribute to an improved Calgary sports scene and positive sports culture

The challenges that Winter poses for our summer athletes will not be going away at the end of this pandemic.  This needs to be remembered and will remain front of mind as we embark on the next steps and future projects.    As we all wade through this continued slowdown, our group will be sure to keep you informed.

At this point, one such initiative is the Home Sports Turf project.  This easy, obvious, and necessary pivot is something that we can do NOW!  By applying our experience in turf research, production, and installation to create a system that will allow effective at home turf training, we are happy to bring the convenience of training to you this winter and beyond!