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This Family Day weekend, the Calgary North Soccer Centre is happy to provide the most meaningful touches possible.  As athletes start thinking about the outdoor season, there is no better or more affordable approach to development than the joy of strapping your cleats on and hitting the turf and playing against others in  these fun and competitive sessions.


Our space is truly about player development, so let us know if you are interested and able to join us in our 3 v 3 Sunday extravaganza!  Please sign up below based on age.  

The cost is $40/squad.  Squads are 3-6 players.    Each 3 v 3 is a new event and a different mix of players.  


For our Family Day Weekend Edition 3 v 3 (taking place Sunday) there is the Parent/Coach category as well as our Team Competition!  There will be a separate set of games set aside for parents/coaches who want to join in/lead by example.  We will also award team points based on the number of wins that each squad has.  The teams who have the most wins based on squad results  will win both recognition, bragging rights,  and medals!

Good Luck, Have Fun -

 3 v3

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