Home Sports Turf

For our soccer players, winter is like watching from the bench.   With summer days gone, so is the opportunity to head onto the lush grass of the back yard or local playground for a quick kick around.  Gone are the touches that came so spontaneously when we were bathed in warmth and sunlight of summer days! 


SO we sit on the bench-

-we wait for the few opportunities that allow us to get onto a pitch for a game or team practice during the entire winter. 


During the winter, in between games and practices, many squeeze those extra touches in their kitchen, garage, basement, or spare room.

Realizing this our focus was on a solution for those times "in between".   When you consider it, the times in between can add up to a huge portion of overall soccer development.  Many athletes want those quality extra touches and deserve the best.  Many families want to create a dedicated hub that will help engage and inspire activity throughout the winter!  


With this in mind and in consultation with several manufacturers of sports turf, we helped to design turf that is made specifically for soccer, suitable for indoor use, easy to install, easy to remove, maintenance free, and with a 10-year warrantee.

When it comes to training and practicing fundamentals, there is nothing more important than the real feel and true touch with every pass, cut, turn, bounce, and dribble.   Training at home on Home Sports Turf is one more tool that can provide motivation, inspiration, spontaneous play and the associated health, wellness, and improvement.

We do currently have some Home Sports Turf in stock.  Feel free to call or email to inquire or book a free assessment:

tele/text:  587 436 2472

eMail: info@homesportsturf.com